This website provides information for Competent Authorities, Monitoring Organisations, and Operators who seek to implement the European Union's regulation 995/2010.

That regulation reduces the potential for regulatory arbitrage in the wood-based products sector, a sector which exhibits a wide spectrum of competitve stategies - from certification (of varied quality) to low price (which might reflect illegality and unsustainability).

This website includes webpages concerning the wood-based products which are imported by the EU as a whole and, separately, by each EU member state.

This website also includes webpages concerning the trade in wood-based products of countries which either supply the EU with wood-based products directly or might do so indirectly (after transformation in "third" countries).

The content of this website is subject to revision in order to reflect relevant additional information and should not be regarded as exhaustive. As indicated by extensive use of links to references, the text is based on information published on the Internet, particularly by enterprises operating in the wood-based products sector. Consequently, readers should refer to those sources not this website when making decisions - this website accepts no liability.

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EU member states:

The EU's share in selected countries' exports of wood-based products (2010)
Member states' share of EU imports of wood-based products from selected countries (2010)
Estimates of member states' imports of "illegal" wood-based products (2000-2012)
FLEGT and world trade in "illegal" wood-based products (2000-2013)

Web pages for the following have yet to be prepared. Temporary content is available for countries whose names are presented in the colour gold/amber.

Asia and Oceania:


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